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Authentication and access management 


In 2004, Abilis Solutions and Sun Microsystems partner up to implement an identity management solution for the Bombardier Aerospace division.

The objective of this project is to manage and synchronize application user access for all Bombardier’s employees and partners in North America and Europe.


Based on the Access Manager and Secure Remote Access product from Sun Microsystems, the solution allows to synchronize the company’s repository at a global level.

Furthermore, the automation and delegation of identity authentication processes and authorization of the main enterprise applications are now managed by the proposed solution.


  • Accelerated management of user access rights within the organization which go from taking many days to only a few minutes.
  • Re-enforced security of the infrastructure.
  • Easier information exchanges by allowing access to external partners.
  • Increased control of user access rights and flexibility for Bombardier’s employees and contractors.


  • An identity management infrastructure.
  • Integration of the LDAP technology in three different centres (Montreal, Wichita-USA and Belfast-Ireland).
  • An audit system and process for application access.
  • A secure remote access linked to applications (VPN logic).

Technologies and partners

  • Sun LDAP, Access Manager & Secure Remote Access on a Solaris platform.
  • Sun Microsystems.